FAQ: frequently asked questions

FAQ: frequently asked questions

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Questions about the SpeedScript writing system

What’s the difference between the left-handed and right-handed options?

We also want left-handers to be able to write as fluidly and easily as possible. So SpeedScript includes a left-handed option with mirror-image strokes – it’s ergonomically optimized for everyone, down to the last detail. In most languages, it’s the space and the “e” that occur most frequently. For this reason SpeedScript is designed to enable any user to write these characters as easily as possible.

Why does SpeedScript use only six of the eight possible strokes?

The unused strokes will eventually be allotted to specific functions designed to enhance efficiency. They have long been part of our overall plan. For example, in future versions of SpeedScript you’ll be able to write the word “the” (including the space following it) with a single stroke from the “t” key. We’d just ask you to be patient!

Questions on SpeedScript for Android

How do I switch between the standard keyboard and SpeedScript?

When a keyboard is displayed, swipe the top of the screen down to make the list of notifications appear. If you want to switch, tap “Choose input method”.

Installation: why does the free app require permissions?

The free version accesses advertising networks and requires acceptance of carefully delimited permissions, but SpeedScript does not read or store any information, including information provided in connection with the advertising (which comes from ad network bundler AddApptr).

Landscape format: why is the number pad on the left?

A right-hander’s right thumb is more agile than their left thumb. If you choose the right-handed option, the number pad is placed on the left and the letter pad on the right so that the right thumb can reach more letters. This enables you to write more easily, quickly and precisely.
If you choose the left-handed option, the letter pad is placed on the right so that the left thumb can reach more letters.

What can I do if I’m interrupted by advertising while writing?

That shouldn’t happen.
Please check to see if you’ve deactivated notifications for SpeedScript.
Reactivate these notifications and you’ll be able to choose when the advertising is displayed:
Settings / Application manager / SpeedScript free / Show notifications
Also see “Why does the free app have advertising?”

Why does the free app have advertising?

To be able to keep providing and supporting a free version, we need to show you a full-screen ad once a day.

We don’t want to interrupt you while you’re writing, so you can decide for yourself when the advertising is displayed.

When you’re using SpeedScript you’ll see a SpeedScript logo at the top edge of the screen.
If you swipe the top of the screen down, the following notification will appear:
“SpeedScript: show daily ad – Press here to avoid interruptions later on”
If you click on this notification the advertising will appear shortly afterwards.

Please click on the ad to support us.
Your cooperation is much appreciated!

Questions on SpeedScript for iOS

How do I get to be a beta tester?

Questions on SpeedScript for Windows

Tablets with Windows 10: How do I get to be a beta tester?
Will SpeedScript also be made available for older versions of Windows?

No, only for Windows 10. Please note that Microsoft will be offering a free update to Windows 10 until July 2016:

Will there also be a SpeedScript for Windows Phone?

That depends on Microsoft. Unlike Android or iOS, at the moment Windows Phone doesn’t allow you to install a software keyboard. We’ll start developing the relevant app once Microsoft has done something about this.